Chef Gabe (Photography by Alyssa Ratcliffe)

Our story

Self-taught Chef Gabriel (Gabe) Romero and founder of Warriors Fuel Foods (now known as Fuel Cafe by Warriors Fuel Foods) was inspired to find an effective way to help people improve their lives through healthy eating. 

In 2015, Chef Gabe driven by a greater life purpose, which is to have a positive impact on the lives of others, made it his mission not only to make high-quality healthy food more accessible but also ensure these meals are flavorful and affordable. Fuel Cafe by Warriors Fuel Foods aims to eliminate the dilemma between eating well and eating fast- helping others in making conscious decisions to eat right and maintaining a healthier lifestyle by making the process easy and providing a large variety of ready-to-eat fresh pre-packed meals.

The biggest challenge Romero has faced with Fuel Cafe, is getting consumers to move beyond their initial disbelief that eating healthy will actually taste great. “Our meals are counter-intuitive to what many consumers are used to. We overcome that when they try our delicious meals and realize we're on to something”. The company mission is to develop meals that make you feel good from the inside out - creative flavorful meals that just happen to be healthy for

Chef Gabe alongside his fiance, Elena Ratcliffe and their youngest daughter Alyssa, work conscientiously in continuing to help evolve and grow Fuel Cafe - recently adding a second location in the Kansas City Metro area and offering nationwide shipping as well. Chef Gabe and his staff constantly strive and diligently work every day to promote healthy eating & maintaining a healthier lifestyle!


Stay Fit, Stay Active, Stay Healthy

- Be A Warrior -